Newton Abbot Croquet Club

Welcome to Newton Abbot Croquet! 

Forde Park, Newton Abbot

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Founded: August 2011 Contact Details:
Secretary - Kathy Lane (new from April 2019)

Captain - Clive Sawers

The image below was taken during a period of hot dry weather in early August 2015. The ground is hard and very fast.
Subsequent rain softened the ground considerably...

These are the two courts 20 X 16 yds.
This is not full size! Our available area would not quite accommodate 35 X 28 yds,
and if it did the game would be difficult to play as the ground is not yet fit for such a large size.
however, we have a single court layout that is 30 X 24 yards, and despite the cross slope is very workable.


Croquet (pronounced crowkay) is making a come-back. The problem with the game is that most people have only a slight idea of how it is played and most have the wrong idea! You will still see people put their foot on their ball to prevent it going off court while they happily drive their opponent off court; both actions are fouls in Association Croquet.


We currently have over 20 regular members; over the years at least 45 adults have played, some coming from New Zealand and Chile. About the same number of children have played here mostly from one or other local schools.

The popularity of Croquet has increased with the arrival of Golf Croquet which is a relatively quick and much more sociable game with everyone taking quick turns of a single stroke. More details HERE.

Do please make contact with us if you are interested. We would love to hear from you. Teignbridge Council have been particularly helpful in providing facilities to get us started. The croquet lawn is to the east of the hard tennis courts.

Find out how the two standard and other versions of the game are played HERE...

The Season typically runs from April to September, but occasionally we have started in March and ended in October depending on the weather. Forde Park is on deep clay so only when the soil can be improved will the season be extended. We are aware of some clubs that play all year round.

In 2018 we were unable to play until mid-April owing to ground conditions. But that was followed by the long hot summer when the ground dried out substantially and became very fast.

The Pavilion

We understand that there are proposals to develop the use of the pavilion; while we have little information, this is a development that we welcome. At present there are no toilet facilities in Forde Park and the nearest ones are in Courtenay Park nearly 10 minutes walk. For some of our older members this renders a stay in Forde Park almost impossible!

I am pleased to report that we are now allowed to use the pavilion and we hope in time to be able to store all of our kit and ground maintenance equipment there.

The pavilion provides us with tea and toilet facilities which are available at all times of play.

How to find us

Use the map below which you can zoom and scroll. Coming from the A380 dual carriageway, please note that you cannot turn left into Forde Park at the first leg just over the railway bridge; you should turn left at the next leg, signed to the Football Association. Similarly from the train station you need to turn right then left into the western leg of Forde Park.

Programme: 2019

Recruitment of new members is always a priority and we have been pleased at the continuing growth in numbers now coming along to join us.

A thriving croquet club must seek to attract experienced players as well as novices by providing high quality lawns. At present we struggle a little but enjoy what we have greatly.

Please see our diary page for events...


Take a look at some of the following: the videos on YouTube are often poor, but these are rather better than most and are quite easy to follow.

European Championship Final from Surbiton - Game 1 HERE

European Championship Final from Surbiton - Game 2 HERE

European Championship Final from Surbiton - Game 3 HERE

Contact us:

Clive Sawers (Captain & Groundsman) - or 07967 148794

Facebook -

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