Newton Abbot Croquet Diary


Date Action Start End Notes
March/April Extensive work on the ground
when possible
    Mowing, rolling, spiking
Laying out the courts
Regular Summer Sessions
Mondays Evening play 6.00pm 8.00pm until September
Wednesdays Afternoon Play 1.00pm 5.00pm  
Fridays Afternoon Play 1.00pm 5.00pm  
Saturdays Afternoon Play 1.00pm 5.00pm on one larger court layout...

Autumn/Winter Play

Play from 1pm 1.00pm 4.00pm Normal Monday evening
sessions suspended.

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Clive Sawers - Octrober


It is proposed to extend the playing times to allow much more flexibility. In particular we would like people in full-time employment to be able to enjoy croquet. Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings are available during the summer.

Autumn & Winter Play

The dry weather and reasonable ground conditions have allowed play to continue into the autumn. We hope to be able to maintain this, but the weather may make the ground conditions difficult or impossible. At present we can play on 3 afternoons each week provided the ground is ok.

October 2018