Croquet is making a come-back; it is an absorbing sport that can be played by everybody on equal terms

Who Can Play?

Everyone. It’s a sport suitable for all ages and both sexes, one of the very few sports that woman and men can play on equal terms. Although the game is competitive, Golf Croquet players are on the lawn together so consequently you will find it a friendly and sociable sport.

The popularity of Croquet has increased with the development of Golf Croquet which is a relatively quick and sociable game with players taking turns of only a single shot. A game typically lasts 45 minutes.


About Us

Newton Abbot Croquet Club

The club was formed in 2011, and plays Forde Park Newton Abbot, on the grounds that was formally the grass tennis courts

Do please make contact with us if you are interested. We would love to hear from you.

The season typically runs from April to September - weather permitting.

We charge an annual fee and a daily green fee of £1.00. Taster sessions are available for potential new members; all kit is supplied for taster lessons. New members will acquire their own mallets

There is a pavilion which provides light refreshments from 10.00am - 3.00pm.

All payments made using a debit/credit card only

Newton Abbot Croquet Club


How We Play

We play golf croquet only. It is a sociable game with all participants having the same number of shots throughout


We welcome new members to our club and have been pleased at the continuing growth in the club to date. So come along and join us


Contact Us

Call Delia Collins 01626 367664

Email Jacqui Uden